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Board Member Dr. Marilyn Puder-York on Resiliency During COVID-19

Stamford Symphony is delighted to welcome its newest Board member, Dr. Marilyn Puder-York.  Dr. Puder-York is an executive coach with a 30 year successful track record in helping talented executives and professionals achieve their optimal performance. She has written a short article on Personal Resiliency that we are plead to share on the Channel. Formerly Vice President and head of Citigroup's (formerly Citicorp) global in-house Employee Assistance Program for 10 years, Dr. Puder-York has a practical bottom-line business focus when coaching and consulting executive clients. She has a personable style and is straightforward and acute in her observations and counsel. She has a demonstrated track record of efficiently attaining positive results with high potential, high performance executives and professionals. During the course of her career she has been frequently interviewed and cited in print, broadcast and online by the business and general media. She has been extensively quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week, The New York Times and others. She has appeared on CNN, CBS, NBC and Fox television networks. Dr. Puder-York's publication topics include ethical issues in executive coaching, managing difficult customers and clients, and the psychology of success for women. Her book, “The Office Survival Guide: Surefire Techniques for Dealing with Challenging People and…
May 18, 2020